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Sam Hyde

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What's up haters... This is legit Samuel Hyde here ready to spew illogical hatred for no other reason than skin color. Creating a backup in case my Patreon gets yanked also one of the guys behind this site is my buddy and I'm a believer. There's a lotta computer stuff I don't understand but I like the logo.
Moving away from YouTube type content as I'd like to shape culture on a different level, specifically with bigger video projects and video game shit. Here's what's on the agenda in addition to HydeWars and the shorter comedy videos which will always be boiling away on the back burner:
Interactive fiction video game, working title: Another Day in Hell
KSTV 2 based on GoFundMe projects, working title: GoFuckMe
Car review show, like a low-budget Top Gear, no title yet
Top-secret Kickstarter scam
*Unracisting Me*, a documentary where I go around interviewing people and trying to get them to make me less racist
Top-secret feature-length sci-fi animation
Jaihoo's Trip to The Future - a 300+ page illustrated book
How I Survived High School - graphic novel
Big holy grail sci-fi video game project I've been writing for 5+ years, no title
Self-funded spiritual successor to World Peace
That's it y'all. Not gonna have much to show for another 8 months or so, but I'm hauling ass every day, will bring the HEAT. Enjoy.