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Völkisch Folklorist

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Ultimately, whilst others are doing important socio-political commentary and covering current events, I aim to work for a true cultural revival for our Folk. The Romantic Movement was a grand cultural explosion in the late 1800s that effectively worked as a support cradle to nurture the political nationalism that followed. This is a key to the final end goal that our movement is currently missing.

I write regularly on my website which is dedicated to Northern European folklore, myth, and history. I have been publishing a monthly series on European fairy tales which teases out very deep symbolic and metaphorical meaning from Native European worldview that was embedded within the folk tradition.

In addition I create videos exploring European cultural heritage and speaking out to defend our ethnicity. Europa Sun magazine is a positive promotion of European ethno-culture in both the Old and New Worlds, as well as to confront the leftist spin put on our history in academia and the mainstream.

I work every single day promote ethnic-European heritage. Please help me continue to do it, every dollar helps.