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Flint McLeane

is creating Wotansvolk.com aka Rediscovering the Culture of our Ancestors by revealing hidden and ignored Historical Facts


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____ WotansVolk.com ____
Blog in Italian and English.
Wide Range of Threads on History, White Art, White Culture, Personages, Science, White Supremacy and Jewish Problem.
Having Hatreon means much.
Let me boost my Intellectual #AltRight War Machine
that will dig out and bring on daily basis new stories and discoveries.
Some of my works:
Jewdi : History of the Race War in Star Wars AmerikaDeutscher Volksbund
Unity Valkyrie Mitford
Battle for Charlottesville
1804: Haiti White Genocide
Winston Churchill
Nat Rothschild, the man who rules this planet
Black Vengeance
Monnalisa Overdrive
House of Rothschild
The Unholy Grail
Exodus Scam

and many more...