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In 2010, Michael Polignano and I founded Counter-Currents Publishing and its webzine North American New Right, both known simply as Counter-Currents. Since August of 2013, I have been the sole proprietor. The purpose of Counter-Currents is the development of a new intellectual movement, the North American New Right, which aims to create the metapolitical foundations for a white homeland in North America and to inspire similar white homelands around the globe. Since 2010, Counter-Currents has published more than 40 books and thousands of online pieces, including essays, reviews, podcasts, and videos. I have lost count of the number of podcasts, interviews, debates, hangouts, and panels I have taken part over the years, as well as the number of talks I have given at conferences and other events. Over the years, Counter-Currents has discovered and developed a slew of talented writers, and we have also organized many real-world events for networking and exchanging ideas. Since the beginning of 2017, the monthly traffic at Counter-Currents has averaged about 150,000 unique visitors, which is quite good for a White Nationalist website pitched to high-IQ readers. Counter-Currents, like other movement platforms (including Hatreon itself), is under attack. PayPal has denied us service, suspending the monthly donations that sustained our work. I am now looking for a diversified base of support. Having consistent and predictable monthly support allows me to plan ahead, which will increase my production across the board, from books to articles to podcasts to IRL events. Please help me – and help Hatreon – by pledging your monthly support today. Thank you for your loyalty and support, Greg Johnson Editor-in-Chief