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I create videos, interview people and also write a few short articles. All my work is on: HistoryReviewed.com. I’ve created over 230 videos since June 2015.

Here is my video The Two Emperors of the White Race

Here is a series of videos I did about the 1936 book: The Great Jewish Mask

Youtube banned ALL 12 of my channels and stopped me from creating new ones. My videos have been banned in: France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Poland and Israel. I’ve also been banned off Paypal. (I want to take Youtube to court – See My Goals).

Currently I make 1 or more videos per week.

Alex Linder and I do #TeamWhite videos.

I wrote my own video platform so that I am no longer dependent on any social media platform. (See below).

My focus is on teaching white racial history to whites, especially to young whites with the aim of preparing them to face a devious non-white world where they have little hope of a future.

I teach the facts as accurately as I can, but I also want to inspire my fellow whites, especially the males, so that they can go forward with energy in a world where everything has been stacked against them by the (((Liberals))) and (((Communists))).

My life in Africa has shown me that despite the endless efforts by (((them))) to destroy us, that there are many things we whites have learned here which are cause for inspiration not only for ourselves but also for ALL other whites outside Africa.

I have lived in Rhodesia & South Africa and am very familiar with history here which few people outside Africa know. (I have even taught many whites in South Africa quite a number of things they did not know!) I detest (((Liberalism))) and (((Communism))) with a passion.

Ever since I started AfricanCrisis I had wanted to be able to take on the Mass Media and smash them. I have wanted to devote my energy full time to exposing the truth. Back then my focus was only on Rhodesia and South Africa and southern Africa. But nowadays my goal is racial. It is to do my UTMOST to helping white people. I have realised that the lies told about us in Africa are just a drop in the ocean of lies (((they))) created about whites everywhere, especially the whites of Europe. I want to use our experiences in southern Africa, as a small group of very outnumbered whites, to help other whites and to guide and inspire them so that we can win ALL OUR COUNTRIES BACK!

The high point of AfricanCrisis, in my view was in 2006 when I made contact with the former State President PW Botha and spoke to him several times on the phone and even was invited to spend a week at his house Die Anker. I was shocked when he died suddenly, 11 days after I had visited him. During my visit he had been in good health and I have among the last photographs ever taken of him.

I do not believe in just talking. Talking and teaching are critically important. I also believe in DOING! I believe in resistance and moving forward regardless of all attempts to keep us whites down

I take great Rhodesian/South African pride in being able to do a lot with very little.

See some of the sections below like “Special Activities” and “My Goals”.

My own Video Platform:

When I was driven off Youtube in June 2017, I rented my own servers and worked on building my own software platform from which I can serve my own videos. I do NOT want to be censored or controlled by anyone and I’m willing to extend my facilities to other whites who want to use them. There are a number of tricky technical/financial problems that I had to overcome, but I came up with a very nice solution which otherwise would have cost a lot of money. My videos are big and long and they chew lots of band width. This made my problem especially difficult. But I’ve solved it.

Who am I?

I am a Boer, whose family moved from South Africa to Rhodesia in 1947. My parents came from the Transvaal (It had been the biggest Boer Republic prior to being crushed by the British Empire). I was born in Rhodesia and grew up there. I moved to South Africa in 1981 after the black racist communist Robert Mugabe came to power in a rigged election at the end of the Rhodesian Bush War. I have lived in South Africa since then and am currently in Johannesburg. I am 54 years old.

My Short Term Goals:

  1. I want to finish setting up my website and improve its look. I would like to make it look MUCH more professional, but I need some help either from volunteers or with a bit of monetary support so I can pay for some services. My main area of weakness is graphics.
  2. I want to interview various pro-White activists and establish a broader support base.
  3. I’m prepared to go anywhere in South Africa regardless of violence or danger to film, photograph or investigate anything of interest to whites as long as my travelling costs are covered.
  4. I’m prepared to assist people outside South Africa who want film footage or photographs of any information of interest inside South Africa as long as my travelling costs are covered.
  5. LEGAL: I want to try taking big organisations to court. Attorneys are extremely expensive and basically unaffordable. I cannot do what The Daily Stormer is doing. So I have another plan which I think may be better in the long run. My inspiration for this is Snowy Smith a South African whom I did a video about. I want to attempt to get Youtube into court in South Africa. I need to test out Snowy Smith’s methods. My plan is to take someone to court who cheated me out of monies last November. The key is to do all the court work myself with the assistance of Snowy Smith and for me to appear in court and fight the legal battle myself.
  6. If this shows promise then the next step is to take Youtube to court even if it is just to get certain information out of them. Snowy Smith has some ideas that I want to try out.

My Medium Term Goals:

  1. I want to add an Online shop to my website and sell my own books as well as other products that other whites are producing.
  2. If I can get Youtube to court – regardless of the outcome, then I want to begin looking at other legal activities for helping local whites.
  3. Snowy has a particularly brilliant idea that can be tried out in South Africa against (((them))). I do not want to reveal it. But if his tactics show some promise then we can try something much bigger which could have positive repercussions for whites elsewhere. There is a "legal opportunity" in South Africa that could have worldwide repurcussions if done properly.
  4. Build up a volunteer list of people with all types of skills who are willing to volunteer small amounts of their time & skills to any tasks that I may need done.
  5. I am happy to set up other websites if they are needed and also to make my video/audio platform available to anyone whom it might help.

My Long Term Goals:

  1. I want to assist in fighting crime in South Africa – by exploring ideas or methods that have never been tried before. Saving the lives of whites is very important to me.
  2. We Whites must have a Whites ONLY Political Party: I want to start or co-opt a Whites Only Political Party in South Africa. There is in fact one that I think is a perfect fit for us. You might wonder why a Political Party would be of any use if we whites are only 9% of the population. I have however got some unique ideas on tactics and strategies that have never been tried before. I am convinced that we can do something. Everyone who wants to get into politics wants blacks to vote for them. My intention is the opposite. In this case, I have some special ideas. We need a political party that operates like nobody ever has. It must be legal, within the framework of South Africa, but its methods, aims and goals will be tailored towards whites, with tactics that have never been tried before. It will NOT be for the faint hearted!
  3. We whites must have an Army. But a centralised army is out of the question. I would like to find ways of helping Military/Self-Defense/Militia groups. These groups would also be able to play a critical role in crime fighting.
  4. I want to try to assist poor whites or whites only communities. At the moment I have no specific plans in this regard but I have been to Munsieville which is a large white squatter camp. I’ve visited other whites only camps. I have learned certain things from these exercises. In the long term, focusing on the middle-to-lower class struggling whites is a critical area for me. There are lots of unemployed young whites and I would like to find ways of putting them to work and also educating them.

What have I done in the past?

In my work career I first joined the South African Navy when I came to South Africa. I was there for 13 months then I got into I.T, where I became a computer programmer. I worked in IT my entire life until I was driven out of my job at the end of 2016.

At the age of 25 I began working for myself for 7 years as a consultant and I had my own clients. However the deteriorating situation in South Africa caused many of my clients to go bankrupt, so I had to return to the corporate world to find employment.

In the bank I worked for in my final years I was also a finalist in a bank-wide competition among 30,000 staff for new ideas. I invented some software the bank had never had. In September 2011, I was a finalist and was invited to the finals which was for employees ONLY (you could not bring your spouse or any family member). It was very hush hush because they handed out a lot of money to the people who won. Even though I was a finalist I did not get a prize. They secretly flew in the American magician David Blane to perform magic at the tables where we sat.

I was always interested in spiritual things, especially prophecy for much of my life, especially End Times types of prophecy. By the early 1990s I became fascinated by the Hollow Earth theory. I researched it and in 1999, I published my own book: “Hollow Planets”. It was my analysis of the history and especially the science around this idea. I appeared on Jeff Rense’s show as well as Art Bell (Coast to Coast AM) several times. I was invited to speak in Amsterdam, Holland at the annual Nexus convention there.

In recent years I have been surprised to find that my work is still being quoted and that some of the science I was questioning the most, like the theory of gravity, has caused other people to do new work on it. I am impressed at what some people have proceeded to do after having read what I wrote. Some time after Hollow Planets an engineer from Lockheed Martin contacted me and invited me to take part in a science brainstorming group. I turned the offer down because I became concerned by the attacks on white farmers in Zimbabwe.

In 2000, the black communist, Robert Mugabe began invading white farms in Zimbabwe and whites were attacked and murdered. I realised the danger to the whites there as well as the whites of South Africa. So I stopped doing Hollow Planets and I wrote a book called: Government by Deception and I started a website called: AfricanCrisis in August 2001. (See: africancrisis.org or africancrisis.co.za). I published Government by Deception at my own cost. I tried to warn the whites of South Africa that the blacks would come after their property, their assets and would ultimately want to drive them out.

Special Activities:

  1. When I created AfricanCrisis I began meeting with blacks and whites from Zimbabwe to obtain information which could not be published in Zimbabwe. I published all of it on my website. I like to think that I was effective, because within about 3 years, the Zimbabwe Govt passed a law making it illegal for people to take certain photographs and to pass it on to people outside the country. So my sources of photos dried up. But I still have all the original material of the damage done to the homes of white farmers. Some of those photos went on to be spread around the Internet to this day.
  2. Due to my Hollow Planets book, I made contact with the famous South African Journalist Jani Allan and was on her radio show Cape Talk many times. She had the most popular radio show in Cape Town. We then began to put out information about the Zimbabwe situation and drew a big audience of whites and even non-whites. Jani Allan told me she thought we were so popular that we could go nationwide across South Africa. But ANC (ruling party) people began getting more air time on the show and I was deliberately cut off so that I could not answer the lies told by the ANC. I was thus driven off her show and never invited back. She was fired shortly thereafter. This was the ONLY time from 2000 to the present that I’ve been allowed on any South African mass media outlet. (Nowaday I have no interest in the MSM – I just want to speak to white people DIRECTLY without journalists or other liars being involved).
  3. I went to the Transvaal Agricultural Union in about 2002. Jack Loggenberg gave me crime scene farm murder photos which I then scanned and published on AfricanCrisis. My farm murder page had 1,000+ visitors per day for about 4 years. I estimate that I reached at least 3.5 million people with my message. I published some of the most gruesome photos that had ever come out. Certain photos are still doing the rounds on the Internet and videos to this day. (e.g. The white man lying in the bath with half his head missing and the murdered farmer in the blue overall).
  4. The man who helped me the most was a South African Military Intelligence Officer, Dr Chris Jordaan. He had spent 20 years in Military Intelligence and even had a reputation in Intelligence circles in Europe. He tutored me, helped and guided me. I regard him as my mentor. He passed away in 2007 from cancer. He guided me in my dealings with black activists from Zimbabwe like Jay Jay.
  5. I met with blacks who claimed to have certain knowledge of atrocities and murders and I wrote it all down. In those days, everything was so Liberal that if a white said anything he was called a racist and regarded as a liar. So contacting an embassy was a useless exercise. I prepared proper reports based on what the blacks told me which I then gave to the blacks and I then arranged for the blacks to meet with the US Military Attache in South Africa.
  6. I worked with a black activist, Jay Jay Sibanda who was the primary black Zimbabwean trying to expose the white genocide in Zimbabwe and the brutality of Mugabe to blacks. He and blacks he knew were very useful in getting extremely important information out about Zimbabwe – which I used on my websites and tried to spread around to whites.
  7. As a result of my writings, young smartly dressed blacks came to visit me, asking me if “they could join the war”. When I told Jay Jay about it, we set a trap for them. Jay Jay questioned them and told me that I’d been meeting with Mugabe’s militia who were then operating in Johannesburg. The Militia carried out large numbers of beatings and murders in Zimbabwe and unbeknown to me they were active in Johannesburg too. In total, Mugabe called up about 200,000 young blacks and created this “terror army” which he sent on missions mostly inside Zimbabwe. They were responsible for many killings and much violence. They had come to spy on me and to see if I had a military force - which I did not have.
  8. Jay Jay called me one day to say that a journalist had tipped him off that Mugabe’s wife, Grace was in a certain hotel in Johannesburg. He wanted to kidnap her. He said he had a truck and black guys ready to go there with him. I advised him not to try such a thing but to rather organise a protest. He did that and the hotel management set dogs on him and his protesters while journalists and cameramen were there observing it. This resulted in quite a media coup. Jay Jay got lots of exposure in Liberal newspapers and on radio as a result of it..
  9. A very wealthy German business man with big holdings in Zimbabwe used photographs from AfricanCrisis to prepare a presentation which he gave to the German parliament on what was happening in Zimbabwe.
  10. Later, this German business man decided to help build up Jay Jay’s support since he was the most active and outspoken of all the Zimbabwean blacks in South Africa. So Jay Jay met the German, but the German was not sure if he could trust him. Jay Jay used me as a reference. The German and I spoke on the phone and he donated R40,000 for Jay Jay to go to Botswana to meet the President of Botswana and to then meet the former President of Zambia Dr Kenneth Kaunda and to then also meet with someone in Mozambique. The idea was for Jay Jay to build up high level allies in the black states surrounding Zimbabwe. Jay Jay went on this 3 week trip and met with these people. To my knowledge it did not have any long term benefit for him or he did not exploit it properly.
  11. At one time Jay Jay disappeared for a week. I feared he had been killed. I wrote an email to a few friends outside South Africa. This email was intercepted by the ANC Intelligence Department which was then located in Shell House in Johannesburg's inner city. I later got proof of this. This happened twice. The ANC intelligence Department then turned Jay Jay against me. They said to him: “Why are you taking orders from a white man?” Later he lied to me and stole quite a large amount of money from me and that was the last time I dealt with him and his organisation. Once he came under the influence of the ANC Intelligence Dept, his organisation went slowly downhill and eventually fell apart. He died a few years later from AIDS.
  12. Prior to 2010, my website AfricanCrisis was hacked a few times and put out of action. The hackers always left a message claiming to be from Turkey. Since I never mentioned Turkey, nor said anything about Turkey, I assumed the real hackers were hiding their identity. In my database logs I saw that on many occasions someone was trying to break into my database using a method called “SQL Injection”. They were unsuccessful in all their attempts due to my security. I was also hacked by someone claiming to be from Zimbabwe who left messages like: “Look at what you idiots have started”. I hardened my sites and the hacking stopped.
  13. After the hacking stopped something new happened. In 2010 the American company www.readyhosting.com where I was hosting Africancrisis, shut down my website a few times and it specifically cited my Farm Murders page. It said that I was “spamvertising” my farm murders page. I tried for months to resolve the issue with them but they kept shutting my website down. So in the end I had to rewrite my website and I moved it to another hosting company.
  14. In 2011, the new hosting company www.IxWebhosting.com claimed that I was pushing out phishing material. This was also a bogus claim and I did not know how they had arrived at that.
  15. Through a BBC Journalist I got a full copy of Robert Mugabe’s racist book “The Third Chimurenga”. This is a book that was designed to indoctrinate the Militia Force. It contains various hatred against whites. I put it on my website.
  16. I began getting threats on my website and even telephonically, from non-whites, telling me to shut my “stupid website down”. I then arranged a meeting with the American Military Attache to South Africa, a US Army Colonel. He was the same guy I had sent the blacks to with all the reports of what was going on in Zimbabwe. We met in a restaurant and I showed him what had been happening and asked him for his help. He questioned me and realised that I was the one who had written the reports which the blacks had given to him. Our meeting lasted an hour. At the end he said to me that if I ever feel there is information that they need to know about that I am welcome to contact them in the future. After my meeting with the Military Attache, I stopped my website for 6 months. When I started it again, I noticed that I was no longer being harrassed. Later in 2010, when I went to the USA on holiday, the US Consulate asked me about these activities and they asked me if I had been harassed by the Zimbabwean and South African Govts and I said yes. It was clear that they still had records of me. They gave me a 10 year visa to the USA which expires in 2020.
  17. A Jewish website called “Good news South Africa” arranged to get corporate funding from banks and other big (((Liberal))) corporations. They spewed out good-sounding lies about South Africa and how awesome South Africa was under black rule. On my website, with only myself and 2 volunteers, we took on this Jewish corporate funded website and attacked them and over a period of 2 years discredited them and their popularity dropped sharply while my website, unfunded except with my pay check, continued to grow in popularity!
  18. 2013: I tried to find a way to earn money out of my websites so that other people could get money by doing work for me. There was a guy in my suburb who was doing some good by running a mailing list to do with crime and he was also earning a bit of money by offering his services with regard to security. He was cut off from the mailing list that he’d run. I went and clandestinely seized the mailing list and I helped to set him up and get him followers. I then set him up to also post on my websites and get crime information out which in turn earned him money from consulting. This worked very well. He built up a mailing list of over 700+ people in the area I live, who found his crime reports, security consulting and tips very useful.
  19. 2013: I knew an Afrikaans lady named Adele whom I’d known for some time and who was in bad health and struggling. She was keen to help me, but she was so poor that she had no proper access to the Internet except through a Blackberry. I wanted to find a way to make it financially viable for me to earn money from Google Ads and to pay her. I ended up writing special software which would work with the Blackberry and in this way we got “free internet” to work for us. For a period of 13 months she found and posted stories on my websites and pushed my website traffic to the highest levels it had been in years AND I was able to pay her a small monthly salary based on her work. This worked very well. Then she became ill in January 2014 and died in hospital. When she died, the fellow who had also been doing the crime lists decided to ask me to pay him a large sum of money, despite the fact that he was making more from his consulting than Adele had made with me. I told him I could not pay him and we parted company. Thus ended an otherwise very successful exercise.
  20. In 2014, I decided to try another crime fighting initiative in my suburb. There was a small, struggling, but excellent security company which did Armed Response which employed mostly white males. All the other companies employed lots of blacks, and some of them were very large. I used my websites to give the small company good publicity. I was so successful that once interest in them grew, that they just carried on growing and got white and non-white clients. Originally they only did security in about 3-4 suburbs. Now they dominate those suburbs totally, having almost wiped out all their competition – and they totally took over a 5th suburb that they’d never had a presence in before!! Sadly, the owner was too conscious of my political leanings. Then a big Jewish estate agent also began supporting his security company for a while. He later cut all ties with me. But they did get a massive spurt of growth from the good publicity I put out for them for free. They are successful to this day and totally dominate 5 suburbs - having driven out most of their competition. Sadly also, once they grew they got rid of the whites and now their security staff are all black.