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Friend, I warmly appreciate your decision to endorse the work I do for our people, and I thank you – the generations of our people yet to come thank you – for your contributions and service to our wellbeing. My hope is to bring purpose, safety, and happiness to Westernkind. My concern is with the harm that has been and is inflicted by antiwhites on Westmen (as individuals and as a whole, i.e. Westernkind). My objective is to bring healing, empowerment, and inoculation to our people – white wellbeing. I dedicated my life to these objectives at an early age. Since the age of 18, I have risked my economic and physical safety, selflessly dedicating my time, talent, resources, and financial assistance to scores of endeavors aimed at achieving these goals. Having become disillusioned with our progress and distressed by the harm inflicted on white children, I decided to author two books – both of which are nearly complete – and produce content rich videos. The achievement of these objectives is paramount, so I invite all feedback. Contact me with requests for show topics, questions, and suggestions to improve my work and outreach. Also, please make any recommendations that you think will improve the efficacy of my Patreon account. Video Posting Schedule: Intermittently throughout the week with a focus on Tuesdays.