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The nexus for tomorrow’s et ferro. Visit us at: https://logosclubblog.com/ The Logos Club (TLC) is a literary organization, founded in the US and operating across the entire ambit of the Atlantic, that seeks to gather and champion the works of independent poets, novelists and political theorists who seek out marked societal transformation. We understand that art and politics marches ever hand-in-hand and can be a powerful tool in reshaping a countries’ social fabric – such is the whole of our aim. The doctrine of the age, Equalitarian-Leftism, postis homo economicus as the model man. Posits globalist, border-less bureaucracy and the subsequent melding and deracination of all peoples, cultures and traditions as the only antidote to the arms-race that is Humanity. Posits that the only value system worth being upheld is the one that derives, from sundry and weighty tomes, the conclusion that it ought be! We recognize, through cognizant deliberation upon the subject that such a project is one that, regardless of its origins, will end in naught but superfluous chaos. It is therefore pertinent to move against such chaotic expulsions at every turn – to move towards order. Towards civilization. In 1955, the conservative American icon William F. Buckley wrote that the project of his paper, National Review, was to, “Stand athwart history, yelling, ‘STOP!'” We shall stand athwart history, yelling, “Catch up!” Media we publish: Novels/short stories pertaining to the aforementioned topics Manifestos/Pamphlets pertaining to the aforementioned topics Essays/monographs pertaining to the aforementioned topics Occasional videos pertaining to the aforementioned topics Traditional/mixed/digital art pertaining to the aforementioned topics Media we do not publish: Pornographic materials (porn being distinct from erotica) Material designed merely to shock Deconstructionist/modernist/post-modernist works Poorly edited/grammatically woesome works Illogical screeds All submissions may be made via the contact page. Please look to previously published articles on-site to establish a stylistic tenor commensurate with The Logos Club. We welcome submissions from all authors whose aims coincide, in part or in whole, with our our own. We’re not ideological puritans but don’t expect us to be publishing texts entitled, “Why Stalin was right.”