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I am Summani, founder of Summani Documents.
I began writing out my philosophy in October 2014, on the day that an ISIS sympathiser assaulted Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Even with the rise of alternative media, I believed that Zehaf-Bibeau's attack demonstrated that the decline of Euro-Canada and European ascendancy was being addressed neither quickly nor adequately, if at all. Alternative media organisations in the United States and Canada were becoming little more than loud fiscal hawks and pro-Zionists. Rarely, if ever, did they speak of the consequences of the decline in European ancestry, and how its rise with the Renaissance of some four to five centuries past built the world into a much more productive place in the realms of science, art, spirituality, and healthcare.
Having completed my first volume in the spring of 2017, I set to work finding a self-publisher through which to promulgate my literature. By August, I had gone through three different self-publishers, all of whom read my manuscript, but refused to publish it. Even so-called 'publishing alternatives' such as these were unwilling to deviate from the established orthodoxy - even for money. One of these publishers charged me $600 CDN just for looking at my manuscript!
I realised that if I ever wanted to bring my philosophy to light, I would need to go into business for myself.
I also realised that on-paper literature may become extremely important to the identitarian movement. Established television, Internet, and literature concerns have begun refusing service to identitarians et al, and have gone from being simply businesses to being clergy of the established orthodoxy. Identitarians are becoming painfully aware that the society they live in now restricts them heavily, and is on the verge of an outright political persecution. Certain events (the vote of Britain to withdraw from the EU, and especially the election of Donald Trump) have begun to slowly turn the tide back in our favour, but the cultural war still rages and may yet break out into a wider civil war in the countries concerned.

On the 26th of September, I released 'Volume I: Minister of Civilisation & The Second Enlightenment'.

Through an independent printing company based in the USA and with presses in several countries, I now can bring to you my philosophy without the intermediary of tech megacorporations and literary gatekeepers.

I have created this page mainly because I know Hatreon will not freeze my account (such as in the way Wix did with Generation Identity Canada), not so much as to look for help in funding this publisher. I do not accept manuscripts for review, as this is just for publishing my own material (although, for the right pledge, I will share my experiences with "hatrons" on how to publish your own material while avoiding the mistakes I made. In this cultural war we're fighting in, I am very cognizant of the fact that finance is one of the main weapons being used against us, and so if you are unable to pledge anything to Summani Documents, I understand. If you want to make a one-time payment to an organisation endorsed by Summani Documents, please see the Archive.org link below. Currently, my main expenses running Summani Documents goes to maintaining a subscription to Adobe software; even a small monthly pledge will be appreciated.

********* Summani Documents does not operate any social media accounts currently. Any and all information about the publisher will be found here on Hatreon and/or at https://archive.org/details/@summanidocuments

UPDATE: I am now accepting direct sales of my book for cryptocurrency. You may tip me to the following wallets below. If you have other cryptos you'd like to exchange with me, let me know and I can have you send it to my Cryptopia account.

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Please contact me at [email protected] for the number of books you'd like to order and your mailing address. I will get back to you on a price tag.