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The Fatherland

is creating a podcast for alt-right men hosted by dads


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The Fatherland is an alt-right podcast hosted by dads and targeted at the young men in our movement. We don't really talk about the issues of the day but instead focus more on the cultural and the quotidian. Things like how to dress, yard care, home and car repairs, and yes, how to find a "fashy waifu". The chain of tradition has been broken and we need to forge a new one. Almost always comfy (or at least hygge), The Fatherland is an ongoing mentoring project helping to make all of us be better men, the kind of men that can build a new world from the ashes of the old. If you ever wished you had an older more experienced man in your life that you could ask for advice or just hang out with, the Mannerbund is here.

Find us at: https://therightstuff.biz/author/fatherland/
Our RSS: https://podcast.fatherland.wang/rss
Our show comes out every Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. Usually about 2 hours in length.