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is creating An economic self-sustainable community that becomes an open-source role model for other like minded citizens to copy


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“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” – R Buckminster Fuller

I have several projects I am interested in creating.
     Willing: 1. To build an economic self-sustainable community that becomes an open-source role model for other like minded citizens to copy, build upon, adjust to their community needs and share. WANTED: Wealthy Eccentric Benevolent Benefactor To fund $7 Million (1 banker’s yearly bonus ) for a 44 acres fertile land and woods with a 400,000 square foot 1950s complex (former school conference center) to develop a non-profit self-sustaining alternative community. The new role model. Could employ at least 40 people, when developed 1000s.
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     Feeling: 2. If you support or subscribe I will give you an art project to share or help you find your heart's desire. Which would you like?  
     Thinking: 3. I would like to start a podcast and live video stream covering important issues and new projects that effect our world and country. However, rather then invite the standard fair of dull, indoctrinating, brainwashed media pundits I would like to invite and give voice to guests and speakers who have a different point of view. Those who do not accept the standard rhetoric that we often hear in the MSM. In between interviews I play short historical speeches and interludes that are worthwhile and in the public domain, our inherited posterity. I incorporate both visual and audio montages so one can listen as they work or watch at their pleasure. I have a background in radio and have practiced video editing, worked in the community on supportive projects, interviewed controversial people and everyday folks with new and different ideas. I want to reach further out to those who now live on the edge of civilization, those who have lifted the veil and see life differently. People who have picked up the mantle, taken on a new journey and have come up with more thoughtful ideas and have better solutions to offer. This particular project could and most likely would effect my current standard of living, a.k.a. employment. I would need to achieve a base income in order to survive. That amount would be $12,000 per year; the current poverty line in the US. I believe this project would be well worth the financial sacrifice, as Thoreau said, "Rather than love, money or fame, give me truth." This amount would allow me to have the freedom to interview controversial guests and average innovative folks who never get a voice, and should, over OUR public airwaves. Please contact me if you would like to help sponsor this project. Thank you for your time and kind attention.