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is creating Public relations and social events, Youtube videos, radio shows (5 each week), running a forum and multiple websites, producing a semiannual magazine


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The National Socialist Movement is "America's premier white civil rights organization, and is fighting for White civil rights." The NSM is also "Putting Family, Race, and Nation first while fighting to secure American jobs, manufacturing, and innovation." To this end, our PR events, protests, and rallies (as well as media functions) actively help bring public attention to our goals. The National Socialist Movement enacts public relations and social events aimed at promoting the White Race as well as National Socialism. We do this through videos on the internet which document, explain and promote our actions, events, and worldviews. We also produced and broadcast approximately ten hours of engaging internet radio programming via five different shows each week. Additionally, we also publicize and reinforce our messages through four major forum and news-based web portals. We also disseminate pro-white news to various online media and produce a semiannual magazine. This is also currently being used for legal defense of our Party in response to the lawsuits brought upon us from Charlottesville. Check out our Party mainsite at www.nsm88.org