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Sup my fellow thought-criminals, it's Stone, creator of StoneToss comics here. I am manufacturing the psychic chemotherapy necessary to cure the world of the mental cancer spread about by the likes of Assigned Male, (((liberalism))), and Soy-based dieting.

Not only will every dollar you contribute be denied to gay-pandering corporations, you are steering the culture away from an estrogen fueled dystopia where you BETTER bake that homo-cake OR ELSE.

Seriously though, it is my pleasure to bring you all StoneToss comics each week for free. I'd like to keep it that way, but I work for a living to support myself and my job always competes for time with my comic. Receiving your support for StoneToss not only secures the existence of the comic and a future for brave content, but helps me enhance it in non-obvious ways. Currently, I not only do all the art, but all the website maintainance, promotion, and pretty much anything else you can think of. As it stands, if anything on my website breaks, I better find a way to fix it myself. The ability to hire a freelancer or other help would keep StoneToss a smooth running machine where my efforts can focus on what I do best - the content. It has been a hell of a ride running this operation as a one man show, but I'm not complaining; if you will trade the cost of one soy-filled latte to keep me going, we can have an art genre unafraid to say what commercialized and academic arts won't.

All $5 contributors will get a custom version of their social media avatar drawn by me. Send your social media link to me via email at: [email protected] so I'll know who it's for. Impress your friends, and be a patron of the arts! 💯👌👍

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By the way, if you want to ensure your donation to Hatreon is always totally anonymous, I recommend using Privacy.com (and it's free!)