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This is Europa is an independent online pro-European think-tank and community with over 104k followers (and counting) on Facebook and other social media outlets such as Twitter, SoundCloud and YouTube. Apart from social media platforms we also use our own site: to push our metapolitical work. We mainly have 2 objectives with This is Europa: 1. To promote traditional European values and the beauty of European culture in order to make people more appreciative of their own homelands, cultures and identities. 2. To highlight certain politcal issues from a positive, peaceful and non-aggressive approach and outlook. Our main focus is the consequences of non-stop mass immigration (and the moral aspect thereof), as well as the phenomenon of the anti-white mentality which we seek to counter. Our main tools to reach out with our messages includes articles, our own podcast show, YouTube videos and more. We also host IRL-meetups from time to time.